Muay Thai Champion
Muay Thai is a unique fighting skill characterized for its strength and agility. During a fight, Muay Thai uses a combination of fists, elbows, knees, and shins during strikes that creates 8 ``points of contact”, hence the term ``Art of Eight Limbs” is used to describe Muay Thai. In addition to being a fighting technique, Muay Thai has evolved into combining with various other skills such as entertainment, martial arts, art and sports. This fighting technique has since become part of the unique treasure of the Thai nation, and has grown into becoming a worldwide fighting sport.
Captain’s Bounty
Captain Blackbeard is an infamous pirate of the seven seas. He is famous for attacking and looting merchant ships travelling through his territory. Throughout his reign, hundreds to thousands of ships had been looted by this fearsome pirate. But when Blackbeard unexpectedly dies in battle, the location of all his fortune and treasures perished with him. Numerous young seamen have tried to locate Blackbeard’s treasure to no avail. However, it is universally acknowledged that anyone who recover’s the captain’s bounty will be rewarded with riches beyond belief!
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